2023 Agenda

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Registration and refreshments

Presentation: Continuing collaboration for better health outcomes: an update from the NHS

  • What the NHS is focusing on communicating in 2023 and how pharma can contribute to that message
  • Achieving positive impact through clear, purposeful corporate comms for stakeholders and patients alike
  • Improving collaboration and communication to better advance access to healthcare across the UK

What is happening in UK healthcare? Understanding your role as key developments impact the pharma industry

  • Examining the healthcare landscape: what is the impact of the third Covid winter and what do other organisations want from pharma?
  • Considering your target audience: wider trends in public behaviour and patient perceptions of UK healthcare
  • What is pharma’s role in addressing issues such as health equity, sustainability in the sector, and the ongoing vaccine challenge?

Networking break

Case study snapshot: ‘Beautiful Stool Charts’ with Holland & Barrett

  • Using customer insight to drive campaign ideation
  • Turning taboo topics into conversation starters
  • The power of integration to maximise a small budget

Case study snapshot: Managing the NHS YouTube channel with targeted health videos

  • Working with partners to create targeted health videos on YouTube, aligned to search and with NHS goals/roadmap
  • Challenges and opportunities when considering the longevity of content in the health space
  • How testing around branding and tone of voice helps to enhance trust and brand recognition

Panel discussion: Becoming better storytellers: how to innovate the comms mix for greater impact, engagement and cut-through to key stakeholders

  • Reflecting on the previous case studies, what truly makes a compelling comms campaign?
  • The secret behind creating campaigns that influence people to change behaviour
  • How much innovation is possible within the regulated industry of pharma?

Moderator: John Harrington, UK Editor, PRWeek

Strategically integrating diversity & inclusion into your pharma comms and stakeholder campaigns for greater health outcomes

  • A how-to guide: embedding authentic diversity and inclusion practices into your comms, and into your whole business, from the start
  • Why communicating through a D&I lens is critical for pharma businesses in pushing your purpose forward
  • An insight into improving clinical trials: how GSK are engaging with communities and advocacy groups to build trust, enhance awareness, and provide education

Healthcare Storytelling in the Age of Generative AI

  • What is Generative AI, and how has it changed the game for healthcare storytelling?
  • How could and should pharma be utilising new AI tools such as ChatGPT in comms?
  • Creating a strategy for the future: what could be next for AI in pharma, and how can pharma prepare?

Networking lunch

Building a reputation that people remember

  • Insights into building a presence in international markets
  • Telling your story differently to reach wider, varied audiences
  • Understanding the holistic health landscape to create relevant, engaging comms

Workshop: Navigating regulation frameworks to create impactful pharma comms across social media channels

  • Reading between the lines of the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) code to hack social media messaging on a local and global scale
  • Telling compelling, vulnerable and relevant stories and choosing the right channel to deliver them
  • What is the best way to serve patients, communities, and customers whilst complying with regulation?

‘Mind of the Matter’: Invaluable insights from Kings Health Partners and YouTube’s partnership

  • How channels such as YouTube can be utilised to create a safe and accessible space for audiences/consumers (particularly younger generations) to access high quality health information
  • The value of encouraging and supporting healthcare experts to create health information online
  • How has YouTube worked with KHP to create high quality mental health content, and what has been the impact of this
  • Collaborating with the NHS – challenges, learnings and benefits. Collaborating with the pharma industry – pushing open doors and the value of taking balanced risks to innovate.

Interviewed by: John Harrington, UK Editor, PRWeek

Networking break

Fireside Chat: Examining the pharma and agency dynamic: building a relationship that benefits all

  • What are the main challenges facing the pharma and agency relationship?
  • Creating a healthy relationship: how can agencies and pharma work together efficiently to find solutions?
  • What are the next three steps pharma and agencies should be taking to create beneficial change?

Moderator: Ben Fisher, Head of Health and Director of Scientific Engagement, WE Communications

Building business trust in the comms function: proving value and maximising budget

  • Creating a strong, stable internal comms team that adds genuine business value
  • Building c-suite trust, awareness and knowledge of the comms function to gain a seat at the table and maximise budget
  • Growing organic comms that ladder up to address critical business issues

Focus on the future: what are comms leaders’ priorities and predictions?

What will pharma look like in the next five years and how can we shape that vision? Hear from top comms leaders in the pharma space on what their priorities are; what the next mega-trend could be; and their top takeaways from today’s PRWeek event that they’ll be implementing in their everyday practices.

Moderator: John Harrington, UK Editor, CEO, PRWeek

Chair’s closing comments

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